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In 2013, cyber attacks
cost small businesses
on average $8,699.00.

Today, that number
has skyrocketed to
$20,752.00 per attack.


Remote AV & Patch Analysis+Defense

Take an easy step towards HIPAA compliance while protecting your vital assets with NWG Patrol, and leave the AV and patch updates to us.


Unlike other antivirus products that release and push new virus definitions weekly or monthly, our proactive and managed NWG PATROL automatically downloads critical antivirus software updates and proactively searches through a list of Microsoft, Adobe, Java and other highly vulnerable third party applications to download and install their latest security patches on every computer.

Computers face real threats from email worms, network viruses, spyware, data theft, phishing attacks and malware—on a daily basis. NWG PATROL works in real time and doesn’t wait for the user to respond to or ignore a pushed update.

If a machine isn’t downloading necessary antivirus definations or patches, NWG PATROL sends an alert to our engineers in Charlottesville who bring the issue to your attention. It’s how we keep your assets covered. And how we keep your network secure.

Why it matters

  • Data security. NWG PATROL is the next generation of protection for businesses with sensitive data. By automatically updating individual computers and alerting engineers to out of date products, this service helps prevent system breaches.
  • HIPAA compliance. In addition to preventing problems before they start, NWG PATROL carries NWG’s exclusive HIPAA-compliant certification, the only one of its kind in the Charlottesville area.
  • Early detection. Nonstop monitoring of AV and patch functionality means NWG PATROL will know your system has been compromised before the issue reveals itself to users. By alerting NWG engineers to out-of-date definations or problem patches, potential data breaches, identity theft, or other malicious crimes can be averted.

How you’ll benefit

  • Ensure a secure system for just dollars a month. NWG PATROL automatically updates each and every computer and alerts engineers to out of date products for a lock tight IT system. Because it only takes one computer to contaminate a network, NWG PATROL secures not only individual workstations, but the entire network.
  • Prevent individual identity theft and avoid costly HIPAA penalties. For healthcare providers, NWG PATROL is an effortless step toward HIPAA compliance. It protects patient healthcare information on each and every workstation and ensures no single link weakens the chain of your firm’s network.
  • The product pays for itself. NWG Patrol saves you money by preventing issues and keeping your systems safe. With NWG PATROL, not only will more threats be blocked, but NWG engineers will respond to alerts almost immediately. Though no product can eliminate problems completely, you’ll save enough on just one incident to pay for a lifetime of coverage for your PC. It’s so cost effective, it’s free.*

*Try NWG PATROL and see for yourself.