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Remote PC Analysis+Regeneration

Turbocharge your PC performance and protect sensitive data with NWG Empower's monthly overhaul. It's the next generation of protection for your business.


This full system protection and performance package enhances individual PC performance while monitoring each unit’s overall health.

Once a week, the service gives each PC a complete health overhaul; cleaning up temporary Internet files, defragmenting the machine, and clearing the cache to jumpstart optimal performance.

NWG EMPOWER downloads critical antivirus software updates and proactively installs new Microsoft security patches as well as a long list of vulnerable third party applications including Adobe and Java.

If a machine begins to send predicted hard drive failures or stops downloading necessary antivirus programs or patches, NWG EMPOWER sends an alert to our engineers in Charlottesville who bring the issue to your attention.

Why it matters

  • Office productivity. As your computer ages, it becomes more likely to crash or suffer hard drive failure. NWG monitoring services alert us when your PC becomes unhealthy, so we can help keep you running smoothly. NWG EMPOWER further ensures seamless workflow by optimizing PC performance in real time and allowing engineers to schedule preventative maintenance after business hours.
  • Data security. NWG EMPOWER is the next generation of protection for businesses with sensitive data. By automatically updating individual computers and alerting engineers to out of date products, this service ensures a lock tight IT system.

How you’ll benefit

  • Empower your power users. You know the employees who are constantly banging away at their keyboards and working extra hours to get the project done? This bundle of automatic tools ensures their PCs run at peak performance.
  • Cure business trip snafus when they happen. NWG EMPOWER includes remote access capability, so NWG’s on-call engineers can respond to calls from anywhere and use their critical care skills at a distance.
  • Secure patient data and avoid costly HIPAA penalties. For healthcare providers, NWG EMPOWER is an effortless step toward HIPAA compliance. By including the antivirus and security patch benefits of NWG PATROL, NWG adds an extra layer of protection against identity and data theft through email worms, network viruses, spyware, data theft, phishing attacks and malware.
  • The product pays for itself. Though no product can eliminate crashes completely, you’ll save enough on just one incident to pay for a lifetime of coverage for your PC. It’s so cost effective, it’s free*.

*Try NWG EMPOWER and see for yourself.