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When the unthinkable happens, will you lose your data?

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The US Department of Labor estimates more than 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster.

Of the remaining companies, at least 25% will close within 2 years.

Are you prepared?

Disaster Planning & Business Continuity

Don’t let a technical crisis or natural disaster like a fire, earthquake, or flood destroy your most precious data.

Our Disaster Planning & Business Continuity services protect your business critical applications from worst-case scenarios. This is how your business will survive network, system, or power outages and recover most rapidly from technical and natural disasters.

We routinely create custom disaster plans to protect financial data, email, electronic medical records, or whichever business critical applications matter the most to you.

Our process begins when we partner with you to determine what matters most. We review your current backup methods, like periodic snapshots of your data, as well as your storage methods for those snapshots. Do you store information in house? In the cloud? We’ll assess your whole system to find any vulnerabilities.

Once we identify your non-negotiable systems and their threats, we’ll develop a customized continuity program that allows your critical systems to function while your server’s offline.

No matter what, we’ll work with you to design your best solution and ensure your healthy business survival.

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